【 Guide of Parley Ltd. 】

Parley Co. Ltd. Produce and sales

Parley Co. Ltd. sales original leather products made by Japanese experienced craftsmen. We use only carefully selected leather.
We have a longtime sales performance.

[ Made in Japan ]

Parley Co. Ltd. All products PPL Inc. produce are made in Japan.
We are particular about making high quality leather products.

Into our brand Parley we have put a feeling of safety by knowing who made it and delicacy of the products.



[Formal Design]
-Beautiful designs filled with Parley’s skills.
[Casual Design]
-The soft materials and design are popular among women and young people.
[Bikers Design]
-The wild goods for motorcyclists.
[Kit Design]
-The wild goods for motorcyclists.

【company profile】
Company name Parley Co. Ltd.
Head Office 1-11-10,Kamisyakuji,Nerimaku,Tokyo 177-0044,JAPAN
Telephone +81-3-3920-3850
FAX +81-3-3920-3886
Founded in Oct. ,1985
Established in Dec. 1,1985
President and CEO Astushi shirakata
Web site http://parley.co.jp/
Mail address info@parley.co.jp

For inquiries please contact us by an e-mail.